You do not want to stick your MiaoMiao to your Freestylelibre sensor?
With our “MiaoMiao Fix” you can use the MiaoMiao when you want and your Freestylelibre sensor we also fixed in use at the same time

Due to the 35mm wide fabric rubber holder is comfortable to wear and secures the sensor in addition to falling off during sports, romping other activities.

Due to the open-top design, there is no buildup on the sensor and MiaoMiao.

Including matching fabric rubber band in white or black.
We do not supply the band with sewed, so you can adapt it to your needs. *
The tape is 35mm wide and about 400mm long.

Currently we have no photos of the different colors, but you can for example. When Librefix look this there are in the same colors.

Material: PLA (Wiki entry PLA)

The MiaoMiaoFix holders are produced using a 3D printing process.
By manufacturing in the 3D printing process the holders differ in appearance and haptics of industrially manufactured plastic parts.

Information about the BluCon Nightrider can be found on the manufacturer’s website

* The rubber should be sewn, as otherwise it can unraveling.
** The MiaoMiao is not included! The colors may differ slightly depending on the monitor setting.
The use of the holder is at your own responsibility, no liability for damage or loss at the sensor or the MiaoMiao.

Weight 0.5 kg

Beige, Black, Blue, Bronze, Crystal Blue, Crystal Green, Crystal Neon Green, Crystal Orange, Crystal Pink, Crystal White, Crystal Yellow, Gold, Gray, Green, Magenta, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White, Yellow


Black, White


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